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"Two" Infinity and Beyond

For Vinnie’s first birthday, we hosted 65 of our closest friends and family at our home for a Baby Shark themed party. I spent months making decorations and planning every single detail. The party was a hit and everyone had a blast but I swore we wouldn't do a second birthday party after all that went into the first. Here we are a year later, and what do you know? I’m planning a second birthday party. My husband insisted we have a second birthday party so I agreed under the condition that it would be small. I was thinking 15-20 people at the house, some pizza and a bouncer and we'd call it a day. The theme would be easy because my kiddo is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and since Toy Story 4 is coming out next month, finding decorations would be easy.

When I mentioned the party would be small, what I really meant was that the decorations and prep would be minimal but I have a really hard time toning it down when it comes to decorations and mama loves a theme so I just couldn't help myself!

So I started planning and I started with the guest list. When you come from a big Italian family, it's really hard to keep any gathering small. One thing led to another and we ended up with 50 people on the guest list. I held my ground with the pizza and the bounce house and it ended up being an amazing day. Below are some pictures of the decor and links to purchase :)


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