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Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

With Easter right around the corner, I thought I'd share some Easter basket stuffers for toddlers! I like to include items that encourage outdoor play, don't make a ton of noise and are great for toddler development. It doesn't hurt if they're practical either! Since the weather begins to heat up right around Easter, I've included all kinds of summer necessities.

1. Bubble Bath- My kiddo loves a good bubble bath and what's better than a bubble bath that doubles as a bath toy? We've started collecting the different characters. I initially found these at Walmart but Target has them as well.

2. Bath Toys- Going right along with the bubble bath are some new bath toys. I love these because they are interactive. I try to stay away from the typical rubber ducky type toys because they're impossible to keep dry and usually end up growing mold inside them. Yuck!

3. Bathtub Crayons- During the summer, we take the occasional mid-day bath to cool off. I think its fun to mix it up and add in an artistic element since it's a fun-bath rather than a clean-bath!

4. Play-doh- I love the idea of play doh (as long as you can keep it out of your toddlers mouth!) because it allows kids to be creative and it gives them an opportunity for sensory play.

5. Sand toys- Whether you're planning a trip to the beach or just a trip to the park, sand toys are a great addition to spring and summer play.

6. Name Puzzle- I think this is such a cute way of helping your kiddo identify letters and begin to learn the spelling of their own name. Your name is usually the first word we learn to spell so why not make it fun and interactive too?!

7. Inflatable Pool- Since we don't have a pool in our backyard, we live for an inflatable pool to keep cool during the summer months. We usually purchase something a little bigger to accommodate the whole fam but they come in all sizes depending on your preference.

8. Pool Toys- If you do have a pool in your backyard, new pool toys are a great way to kick of swimming season. They come in almost every shape you can think of.

9. Bathing Suits- Since children grow so much in a year, a new bathing suit is needed every summer. Target has a great selection of bathing suits for kids and they're very reasonably priced.

10. Flip Flops- Are you sensing a theme? Since our sons birthday is right before Easter, I try to throw in some practical items in his Easter basket. Target has toddler flip flops for under $5.

11. Sippy Cups- You can never have too many sippy cups! We're constantly losing them and finding them in the strangest places (like under the couch!). I love this style because they tend to spill less than the other ones we've tried (notice I didn't say the don't spill at all! If you find that perfect sippy cup, please let me know!)

12. Sidewalk Chalk- I love combining outdoor play with arts and crafts and the best part about chalk is that it washes right off!

13. Book- It is so important to read to your kiddo everyday but there's nothing worse than reading the same book every day. Holiday's are a great excuse to add a new book to your collection.

14. Stuffed Animal - My son LOVES stuffed animals. We have a million of them but he still gets excited to get a new one. It doesn't have to be a bunny but I just love sticking with a theme!

15. Toddler Coloring Book- Arts and crafts meets learning! Any way to make learning fun!

Happy Easter!




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