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Toddler Meals

The number one thing I get asked by other moms is "what does your toddler eat?" It's pretty common for your toddler to begin to have a mind of their own which usually results in a picky eater. Although my son likes to eat, there are days when he just decides the pasta he devoured yesterday is repulsive today. So I'm always searching for new things to make for him.

I am going to share some of the foods my kid will actually eat. As much as I would like for my son to eat healthy foods, it's more important to me that he has a full tummy so I try to find ways to sneak in "healthy" things without expecting him to eat something I wouldn't eat myself.

Before I get started, I'd like to say, my kid eats all of the typical toddler foods (mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, spaghettio's, etc). These are the things I make for him when I have a little extra time and I feel like he needs a break from the usual.

1. Peanut Butter Pancakes- My son wakes up starving! (Maybe because he sleeps for 12 solid hours) so I need something quick and easy to make him first thing in the morning. I'll confess, I use the mini frozen pancakes but you can also make them from scratch and freeze them yourself or serve fresh. To change up the typical pancake breakfast, I make peanut butter pancake sandwiches and I usually serve it with a side of banana's and strawberries or sausage and some milk. It's fast and easy and a good source of protein.

2. French Toast- I usually only make this on the weekends as a special treat for my son and my husband. It's easy to make and you don't even have to measure out the ingredients. Just throw a couple eggs, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon in a bowl and bam! french toast!

3. Chicken Skewers- My son LOVES these things! Maybe because they come on a stick or because they're actually delicious, but either way, I'm happy he's eating something that isn't fried! They're from Costco and they are fully cooked, lightly seasoned, and pretty healthy. You just zap them for 30 seconds and serve with your favorite side. I usually serve them some left over rice or veggies.

4. Cheeseburger- As simple as it is, I think this is one of my son's favorite meals. He loves a homemade burger. I just put ketchup and cheese on it and cut it into little squares (he hasn't figured out how to keep the burger together on his own yet lol). I always serve it with a side of corn on the cob, which is probably his favorite food in the world. The funny thing is, he will not touch corn off of the cob (thats a toddler for ya) but he loves it on the cobb. As I've come to figure out, my kiddo likes to be as independent as possible and something about holding those little corn holders makes him feel independent and grown up. Whatever it takes to get him to eat!

5. Flautas- Okay, I'm not actually sure if these are considered flautas or quesadilla rolls but I know my kid loves them! I like to use the chicken and corn from leftover chicken tortilla soup (recipe here) because its super flavorful but you can use whatever chicken you have lying around. I just melt the cheese on the tortilla, add chicken and roll it like a taquito. The cheese keeps it together and theres no oil required! My son really likes to "dip, dip, dip" so I give him a side of guac or ketchup (or a little left over tortilla soup) to dip it in.

6. Peanut Butter Jelly- This seems like an obvious one so I like to spice up a classic by cutting my son's sandwiches into cute little shapes. I don't do this everyday because who has the time?! But I have had friends tell me that their kiddos don't like PB&J until they see all the fun shapes and suddenly they'll eat it!

7. Turkey Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup- As I mentioned before, my son likes to dip his food so I use that to my advantage when I can. Adding the soup as a dip is a great way to spice up a boring grilled cheese and I like to add a slice or two of turkey to give it some extra flavor as well.

8. Parmesan Garlic Noodles- This is very similar to Pastaroni except its homemade and there aren't any flavored powders added (recipe found here). Its easy to make and sometimes I throw in some chicken or finely chopped broccoli. You can serve this as a side or the main dish.

I hope you found something your toddler will enjoy :)

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